Parliament is standstill, once more!

Last three years, the parliament has literally come to a stand still!

In the case of UPA government, they had an excuse. They claimed to be a minority and blamed the opposition for stalling the progress of the government.

Today, the NDA government is a majority one in the Lok Sabha but even there no business is being conducted. Many of the important bills including our much hyped, GST, is yet to see the light of the day.

The reason that minority governments are not able to function is just a reason and not the true cause is amply clear now. So, what is the real reason behind this logjam?

For any fight, however big or small it might be, there has to be two sides. And both the sides, having different perceptions, are not willing to bend, change, postpone or empathise with the other person's perceptions.

Only then a fight happens. If the government says, opposition is to be blamed, why is not the government yielding at least to some of their requests? Both the parties stick to their stand, the net result is that we, the people, do not have a place to stand!

Petition the government and support the CII cause at by clicking the following link:


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