Open Petition to Coimbatore Corporation for One Tax


Sub: One Corporation One Tax

We, the tax payers of this city, pay our taxes on time, every time. We contribute to the corporation treasury in all the forms that corporation has chosen to impose tax.

We bring to your notice the following important points:

1. Taxes by every government is being merged and made into one tax. Government of India is making it into one GST and one Direct Tax, by subsuming multiple taxes under one head. Every government across the world is doing it.

2. Subsuming multiple taxes into one, would help the government to concentrate on one tax collection and ensure one hundred percent collection of taxes. It will also reduce manpower to collect taxes and therefore, cost of tax collection will also come down.

3. Since the corporation will have clear tax collection targets, the collection will also be high and targets can easily be achieved. Therefore, corporation can also plan its usage more accurately.

4. It is also beneficial for the tax payer since we need to pay but one tax and therefore, there is less effort from our end.

5. In addition to the merging of taxes, we would also look for clear taxation rules that will help us in understanding the tax rule. It will help us in making proper payments and will also help in making sure that no body escapes the tax net.

We realise tax is the money to the corporation that would ensure efficient working of the corporation. Therefore, we are asking you to implement for the benefit of all stake holders in this city, the One Tax formula as a trend setter. Though the law allows multiple taxes, the corporation may choose to collect some and ignore others.

Please make our Corporation as the first corporation to implement, One Corporation One Tax formula.

Best regards
For India Tax Payers



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