Tax and the Government

Tax is a no-go area for the people.

You will never find the government discussing how much to tax or whether they are taxing properly with people or with tax payers. In most cases, people who pay the tax have almost, no say in the matter.

Governments across the world make sure that the tax payer is feeling absolutely powerless when it comes to deciding on the quantum of tax paid and how the tax money is being employed. The corollary is also true! They make those who get benefits from the tax money feel that they are not paying any tax and that the money they get from the Government is actually, free money!

The truth is, both are false!

Tax payer has power to control and monitor the government and its taxes. And the person who is enjoying the Government 'benevolence' is also paying taxes. In most cases, he might end up paying more than what he gets back from the government!

This is the truth.

As a tax payer, we always think, that we do not have any power to wield in decision making process. Governments have sincerely worked towards reducing the power of the tax payer in the decision making process.

Let us see how!

In India, the Rajya Sabha is supposed to take its nominees from the tax payers. But today it has been reduced to a farce and you find only those politicians who are unable to get elected to the Lok Sabha getting into the Rajya Sabha.

Similarly, the Legislative Councils of the state were supposed to be from various tax payer verticals such as Teachers, workers, industry owners, etc., But most of the states have gradually and steadily removed the institution of Legislative Council with almost no objection from the tax payer, not even a whimper.

Reduced power of tax payer meant that the Government could spend the tax money the way they want with no hinderance or objection from the tax payer. Tax payers have been gradually and steadily losing their clout since independence. And the result is what you see! Taxes have grown by over 72 times that of GDP growth!

What a sad state! Tax Payers have to join hands to ensure that a fair deal is given to the tax payer.


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