Happy Streets are Disciplined Streets

The Happy Streets concept is certainly a welcome change on DB Road (South of Post Office) and part of Thiruvenkatasamy Road of Coimbatore.

Seeing the children filling in the streets from all sides with their bicycles, was very impressive. There were groups playing Football on the DB Road! Of course, it was a sales man's world and naturally you found ads and promotions rollicking the streets.

So that was our version of happy streets!

No doubt it made people happy including me, when I walked down the road. It was also in my thoughts for a long time, that DB Road should become vehicle free road. It should be paved end to end and only walkers should be allowed. May be, another road that deserves the same respect in Coimbatore would be the Cross Cut Road.

If there are numerous plusses to this program, there are also a number of minuses. A few here for making the event even better.

One, every happiness comes with discipline. A happy marriage is the one that gives the couple freedom plus it also envisages a discipline between them. A happy home also has specific rules; curfew time and the rest; written and unwritten rules.

Naturally, an happy street also has rules. Chaos can never make or leave people happy. A semblance of discipline is required. And such a happy street is the place where one can teach the kids basic road sense and discipline.

Most often social discipline is not taught; it is displayed. The parent practices the discipline and the child follows it.

I found promotional leaflets strewn on the Happy Streets. Essentially, by being happy, we are leaving behind unhappiness and hard work for corporation cleaning staff! There were waste baskets but were not being used much.

Second, can we not have activities at specific marked places? There were people cycling all over. I was worried that a toddler might get knocked down any moment by a kid, unknowingly. There were people roller skating; there were people running, playing football, frisbee. I kicked a ball in to the 'Thanks Uncle' from the kids. Wondered whether that frisbee would crash on my head while walking.

Of course, the charm was the dance events and the musicians, both hard and soft.

Certainly, a great effort from the organisers. Do remember that Happy Streets are Disciplined Streets!


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