Good Things are happening all around us

There are lots of good things happening around us. Unfortunately, we do not record them or give it the fair thought that it deserves.

For instance, in Chennai, Apollo Hospitals has been conducting short informative programs on health at their OMR unit for the last six months at least. These programs are highly informative and health specific.

See the one below. Relevant and to the point. May be, you can attend if you find those two hours in a week.

Ergonomics Assessment Workshop

Computer Vision Syndrome

Greeting from Apollo Hospitals!!

Apollo Hospitals, OMR Invites you to the Ergonomics Assessment Workshop on Tuesday, 11th of August 2015 at Apollo Specialty Hospitals, OMR from 3pm - 5pm.

Aches are constant companions at the workplace especially when your job role requires the body to be in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Working in an ergonomically unsuited posture for long hours, increase risk of developing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).

The Apollo, OMR Ergonomics Workshop is designed to offer tips and techniques to avoid WMSDs, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and several other health challenges by making your workplace more ergonomically fit.  The workshop will also cover aspects of how to apply ergonomics at work and improve productivity. The workshop curriculum will significantly cover steps on how to do conduct ergonomics evaluation for offices.

The Workshop will be conducted by Apollo, OMR's leading Ophthalmologist and Orthopaedician & Spine Specialist. 

Venue : Apollo Hospitals , OMR
Time : 11th August 3 – 5 Pm (Tuesday)

 There are many such programs happening around us. Are we open to them?

Further Details : Please contact –Chandrasekar 9840311049 / 7401114654


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