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Pay tax or get punished - More threats from the Government

Let us not get emotional on the issue. Let us get the facts right!

1. Jaitley is talking of 'threats' to collect tax. Coming from the Finance minister, this is unbecoming.

2. If harsh and harsher punishments could make people obey, then we will not be seeing any murders today. Punishment, yes, is a deterrent. But not a cure. It is a post-mortem and not an execution plan. Can death penalty bring back the murdered child or the raped girl? What is required are not threats, but pro-active taxation systems.

3. Pro-active taxation is what is followed in all Western countries. Why is India not doing it? Taxation should be reviewed when the event happens and not after three years or four years. Once the return is filed and tax is taken by the Government, no more reviews are to be done. No post-mortem! Stop it before it happens. Not cry over spilt milk.

4. Is your aim to punish people or is your aim to get the tax? What is your aim? If your aim is to get tax, then it should happen bef…