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British Conquest of India - Unwritten History - Part I.

I was reading a book titled '1857'.

Every Indian would know the significance of the year.

It was a detailed presentation of what transpired that year over a period of six to seven months and how the Indian princes and princesses, literally committed harakiri by fighting not in unison. 

But what it reinforced was my understanding of the Indian History that the fall of India was not due to technological superiority as many historians would portray nor is it due to any grand strategy that the British had.

History as we read in our books is mostly wars, kings and generals. Unfortunately, history is made not by any of them but by the social circumstances that are in vogue then. These social changes happen gradually over decades; sometimes over centuries and millenniums. Unseen and unsung. These changes bring about wars, kings and generals who are noted in history as the change makers. But in reality, they are the outcome of these social changes.

British came to India to trade as we all …