Prices on IEX continue to be at Six rupees level

Market in Tamil Nadu is agog with power related pricing issues. Though individually, consumers have been talking about rate reduction in the raging non-R&C period this year, rate per kWhr on IEX is way ahead of last year's price levels.

IEX ruled at Rs.6.30 last week, on an average RTC. Yesterday it was still selling at 6.34 per kWhr and with delivery cost for an RTC supply hovered at 6.53 per kWhr, not including the cross subsidy applicable in Tamil Nadu. There may not be many takers but there does not seem to be many suppliers too! That could explain the reason for high rates on the exchange.

Yesterday, Tamil Nadu met 12004 MW of power demand with a short fall estimated at 72 MW, says SRLDC. A total of 2068 MW of power plants are under maintenance out of a total of 7465 MW in Tamil Nadu, accounting for about 30%. This includes four Ennore units, three units in Neyveli and of course, our Kudankulam under Annual Maintenance. Kudankulam with its 1000 MW, that was expected to come on line yesterday is delayed by a month and is expected to come online only by 20 Sep 2015.

With power situation comfortable, the delay in synchronising back these generators does not seem to hurt the consumers much.

Power generation across the country has grown by 3.25% in the month of July compared to the same period previous year, reports Central Electricity Authority. This growth is primarily contributed by the South and North Eastern region both growing at 13% and 19% respectively. But for the northern region that showed a decline of 6.7% in its generation, the rest of the regions recorded a growth.

Decline of wind in the Southern Belt seem to have diminished the wind generation in the last few days. Out of a total of 7149 MW of wind in Tamil Nadu, it delivered 1285 MW on an average for the last 24 hours. A total of 30.85 million kWhrs of power was delivered yesterday by the Wind Generators. A utilisation of less than 18% capacity and that too in the middle of peak wind season! Something of concern for the wind generators!


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