Should we do anything about Sasi Perumal's death?

It is one more person dead and gone out of a population of 1.2 billion people. An event that is of no great interest! or is it?

It is said that 'the silence of the Good is worser than the crimes of the Bad'.

Everyone of us would accept this as true. May be, the ambiguity of thoughts stem from another important question.

Whether there should be prohibition in the state of Tamil Nadu or not and what kind of prohibition it should be?

Arguments abound from various people from various quarters against prohibition.

Argument against: A grown adult, in this case a person more than 18 years of age, can decide on what is good or bad for himself. There are lots of bad habits that people get into. Can Government impose ban on everything?
Argument 2: The most common argument, government needs money. And taxing liquor is simply the best and the easiest way to get it.
Argument 3: Even if you ban it, it will continue to exist in other forms. You cannot remove liquor from the market just by wishing it away.

Many similar convincing arguments exist, at least on equal footing, for prohibition.

Argument for: Yes, Governments have to ban bad practices. Just because people are adults, you cannot let drugs into the country, can you? What is wrong to the society should be stopped, whether people know about it or not.

Argument 2: Government does not make any money. Government gets money from us, tax payers! Whether you collect it under A or under B, it makes very little difference. Taxing liquor is not bad. Every country does it. But can Government do that business? Certainly not. Nowhere in the world liquor business is done by the government. The only other time, such things, drugs to be exact, where sold under government sponsorship in India was during the early days of British rule here. That was the only way they could enslave us.

Argument 3: No, you cannot. But that does not mean you should not prohibit it. People do not obey the road rules one hundred percent. Do you mean to say that all these rules should be scrapped? There are still robbers in the country; why doesn't the government legalise robbery? Because you cannot eradicate it?

Obviously, arguments against prohibition is very weak. There is no need for the government to do this business.

Support the cause of prohibition from your home. We need not come out to the streets. Let us use the power of internet to spread our thoughts and message.

You should be good and raise your voice too!

Comment here if you want to add anything more. But surely, vote your choice at this link.


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