Why only one team?

India is sweeping the South Asia athletic meet in 2016.

More medals won by India than all other teams put together!

Are you not proud? What is the point India is trying to make to the world of South Asia? That India has become a sports power house?

We need to reconsider the situation.

India is a large country. Compared to Sri Lanka or Maldives or even Pakistan, it is like an adult playing in kids tournaments.

I think, India should try to enter more than one team. May be, India - North and India - South. May be, even four teams. India - North, South, East and West. This should happen in World cup Cricket too!

For instance, if the UK can nominate England, Ireland and Scotland as separate teams, with hardly populations as big as our Mumbai or New Delhi, why should not India have four teams for World Cup Cricket?

Leave aside patriotism humbug. Look at what it would mean to the sport as a whole. At least in the case of South Asia Games, Common Wealth Games, World Cup Cricket and such other limited tournaments India should nominate more than one team.

This would show case more talents to the world. We will have more than one team to support. We can even think of having an world cup hockey final between north and south India! How great it will be!

To build the sport in India, more people should get the exposure and the possibility of playing international matches.

Bring sport to every state in the country!


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