Evacuation of Wind Power not a problem

More than once today, I have heard 'powerful' people remark that there is no problem in evacuating wind power or solar power or for that matter any power in Tamil Nadu.

I was present at the Confederation of Indian Industry - TN Renewable Energy Conference 2016.

In the inaugural session, the Minister for Power in Tamil Nadu remarked that the problem in power evacuation of wind has nothing to do with grid or transmission systems. He asserted, it is a problem connected with infirm nature of wind. 'Make it firm, Gentlemen'. 'Use your minds. Do some research. Find some way to make it firm'.

If only the solution is so easy!

Later after the inaugural session, we had more techie talk. We had the Director Operations of none other than the Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation declaring vehemently, that there is no short fall of evacuation capacity. 'We can evacuate all of your wind power; all of your solar power. We have the capacity. We have augmented it'.

Then what was the problem. It was one of variation in generation and load that made consumption difficult. This resulted in a large scale backing down of wind power, she asserted.

Of course, there were numerous questions posed to her from various quarters, asking for a technical answer to the reasons for backing down last year, year before that and so on. She swiped all of them under the floor with one simple answer, 'well that was the past. Let us look at the present and make sure that nothing like that happens any more in this state'.

She also said that all the additional capacities have been completed. We have more capacity now than what is really needed to evacuate power. This includes, transmission infrastructure, sub station infrastructure and every thing else connected with it. She also indicated the modernisation of the load dispatch centres and the steps taken towards the same would go a long way in ensuring timely power evacuation.

Wonderful, really!

We wait for the season to start in May-June 2016 and we earnestly pray that the words of both Director Operations of TANTRANSCO and the Minister for Power in Tamil Nadu, would come true!


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