GST - the Government Ploy

So, once more the parliament is going to adjourn the winter session without passing the GST bill. One more year to roll by before we can think of and talk of GST!

What a sham!

Who is to blame for this ruckus? Is it the Opposition, Congress or is it the Government, BJP?

Let us take a look at the history.

Congress brought in the concept of GST way back in 2003 / 4. All the initial teeth that was set in the first draft slowly gave way with every passing day and opposition by the then Opposition Party, BJP and the communist parties.

While Congress wanted taxes to have a more central leaning, the others wanted a state leaning. Neither the Congress yielded nor the others. There are good and bad arguments for either of them. There is no question of who is right and who is wrong. Both of them are right in their own ways.

While so, only an accommodation and a policy of dropping clauses that are not comfortable could have brought the GST out. But unfortunately, this never happened in the last twelve years and GST is put back into hibernation.

While Congress said they will accommodate changes suggested this time, the government was ready only to blame Congress and made no efforts to get a clear draft ready for placement. And BJP did everything possible to stall the Parliament, forcing the hands of not just one party but many of them. They took over Arunachal; raided the Delhi Chief Minister's office; shoo-shooed the opposition leader with a case; and many other minor and major activities. They hoped among all hopes, that at least one of them would stall the Parliament and they made sure, that they will not have the responsibility of pushing the majority of the bills through the Parliament houses.

Take a look at some of the bills that failed to make the grade this session.

1. GST Bill
2. Electricity Amendment Bill
3. Direct Tax Code - at draft stage.
4. Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development bill

These could directly impact the way businesses are carried out in India. One more wasted Parliament session for Industrial change and growth.


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