Delhi's Odd and Even

Following Beijing's example, Delhi has also announced the Odd / Even car usage in the city, to fight the smog. A welcome measure to bring down the smog effects in the city. Every one has to support the cause only then the success or failure of the scheme can be realised.

Apart from this, there are a number of other measures that could also be implemented. It may not be one measure that would give you complete relief. All that can be done is to reduce the pollution gradually and surely.

Let us take a look at the possible suggestions that could be implemented.

1. No motor areas. Markets should be made only walk through or cycle zones. There are many locations in Delhi that could be made only walkable / cycle-able.

2. Revise the entire transport routes. Rework and re-plan! You should keep in mind we pollute more when we are idling the engine. Every time, you change gears from standstill upwards, you are polluting more. What you should look at are: reduce signals by creating more one way routes. By adding one kilometre of additional distance, if you could reduce three signals, do that now. Rework and re-route the vehicles by creating a chain of one way traffics and reduce signals. On long term, increase pedestrian walkways overhead or under ground. Better still, create vehicle overpass and under pass allowing pedestrians to walk on the surface. Once pedestrians are organised, vehicles can move with ease. Very little of changing of gears would mean lesser pollution. Bus stands should not hamper movement of vehicles. We still have bus stops close to signals disturbing traffic acutely.

3. Ensure absolute obeying of road rules. In order to this, put the policemen through training first. Let them know the rules properly. I have always seen that they do not know how people should drive in a multi lane system. This causes lots of confusion. Educate the public on the right driving practices through TV ads, public displays, college skits and in large corporates. After this, implement the rules one hundred percent. No criss cross driving. Obey signals. Clear smooth traffic flow all over the city, please.

4. Improve public transports. More metro services. More trains across the city. Do NOT increase the buses as much as possible. Increase train and metro services. Plan for more reach. Roads should be free of motors. All swift movements should happen over the rail using electricity.

5. Tax cars more. Make it costly to own and use a car in the city, particularly, the Business District. More taxes if you are driving through the central district. Charge exorbitantly to park particularly, on the roads.

6. Phase out policy for cars, buses, autos and two wheelers. We need to have a clear time line to phase out old machines. Anything more than 15 to 20 years should not be on the road. More important, be strict about the rule.

7. Electricity cars only areas. A circle of 20 km radius from the city centre should be marked as 'only electrical vehicles allowed' area.. When you can insist on CNG vehicles, implementing electricity only vehicles is not a problem. You can do it! Put the chargers at multiple locations in that area. You will be first metropolis doing it. But then, why not!

Let me have your comments please.


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